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     Penn, a respected theologian and biblical scholar, has just released a groundbreaking book, “Miracles of Healing in the Gospel of Mark.” This thought-provoking and well-researched work delves deep into the healing ministry of Jesus Christ, with a new and detailed understanding of the theological significance of the healing incidents recorded in Mark’s Gospel.


     Miracles of Healing in the Gospel of Mark: 16 Studies for Individual or Small Group reflects the author’s years of experience in teaching, having read over 50 books on healing, and writing six other books for adults and children on healing and wholeness. Miracles of Healing in the Gospel of Mark connects how the healing miracles of Jesus looked back to the Fall of humanity and looks forward to the cross when God would restore God’s ‘perfect order of creation, as God intended, including the healing of the relationship between God and humanity.


     The author has written a Leader’s Guide for Miracles of Healing in the Gospel of Mark. The Leader’s Guide is a companion book to this unique resource, providing guidance for group discussion, enhancing understanding of the book, fostering a sense of community, and providing a framework for personal reflection. 

     I am excited to have two of my books published by West Bow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan! To join this unique group of authors has been a goal of mine. I look forward to our working relationship.

     All of my books have a 100% return policy. No one has ever returned any of my books. My first book was published in 1989.