Posted by John I. Penn on 17th Feb 2022

Blog #4 Miracles of Healing in the Gospel of Mark in the Church, Seminaries, Sunday School

You may not know John Penn, the author. John has witnessed God's miracle-working power for over thirty years through his teaching, preaching, and healing ministry. Reading his book and learning about his love for the Lord and how God has touched his life and demonstrated miracles in his life and ministry, you will want to get to know him through his book, Miracles of Healing in the Gospel of Mark, as well as his other Christian books.

This unique resource consists of sixteen studies for individual or small groups. It will inspire and motivate you to get to know the God he serves as a means to deepen your faith and experience miracles in your day-to-day life. This inspirational book will allow you to encounter the Healing Christ, up close and personal, as you journey with him through the sixteen Healing Moments in the Gospel of Mark. You will want to read and share this book with your family and friends. You can use this excellent resource as a Bible study to introduce healing and wholeness in your local church and Sunday school classes.

If you are a pastor or a seminary professor, Miracles of Healing in the Gospel of Mark will be an excellent study to introduce on the seminary level to pastors entering the ministry in the local church. Jesus and the early leaders of the church made healing central to their life and ministry and the kingdom work of God. You cannot go wrong using this resource in the local churches, seminaries, or individual or small group study!

The author has written a Leader’s Guide, which is a welcomed addition to Miracles of Healing in the Gospel of Mark. It provides the resources and tools to equip leaders to help participants have a good experience, get the most out of this unique study, and make this resource user-friendly. The Leader's Guide includes a wealth of information and concepts that might be new and challenging. It will answer the questions in each of the sixteen Healing Moments and address new and controversial ideas. The guide will also help the participants stay true to the material's content in each of the sixteen Healing Moments.

The author is available (via Zoom) to conduct this study in your church, seminary, Sunday school class, or conference level for clergy and laypersons. This study should qualify for clergy to receive educational credits in the area of healing and wholeness.

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