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EXCERPT # 1: THE EPIPHANY ON THE MISSION FIELD, From Miracles of Healing in the Gospel of Mark


John I. Penn, D.Min.

January 12, 2022

John Mark’s sudden departure from the mission field created doubt and mistrust in Paul’s mind and heart. Some scholars suggest that Mark was a mommy’s boy and became homesick. Others said he was too young and inexperienced for such a dangerous mission.Could it be that Paul misjudged the sincerity and commitment of John Mark to the kingdom work of God? 

It is conceivable John Mark's motives for leaving the missionary field had a more profound spiritual reason than the simplistic reasoning Paul and some scholars would have us believe. While Mark was out on the mission field, it seems reasonable that he had an epiphany. Having experienced ministry up close and personal, Mark discov­ered his passion for servant ministry. During that time, Mark could hear God's still small voice. His eyes and mind were opened to his call to ministry. This time, the voice of God had become sharper, clearer, and more compelling. The call of God was now undeniable and urgent. 

This time, Mark knew he had to respond to the Lord. This evan­gelistic mission field had inspired and captured Mark’s full atten­tion and spiritual imagination. He could now perceive his place and role as a servant in God’s kingdom work. Mark went home a changed and more confident man. He went home and reconnected with his friend and mentor, Peter. Peter’s fondness for Mark was no secret. Their strong relationship was mutual. Peter affirmed his closeness to Mark, referring to him as “my son” (1 Peter 5:13 NRSV). 

Mark’s return home was a Godsend. He would meet an essen­tial need in Peter’s life. Peter recognized Mark’s unique skills as a scribe and his knowledge of the Old Testament. Peter’s leadership role and demanding schedule had prevented him from writing down his remembrance of Jesus’ life, mission, and ministry. Peter used Mark as his scribe to write down and preserve those foun­dational truths contained in gospel of Jesus Christ for future generations. 

Mark now realized that the Holy Spirit led and guided his thoughts and actions in leaving the missionary field. God's divine call on his life was now taking shape and making sense. Mark recognized the significance of writing his gospel of Jesus Christ for future generations. For him, nothing was as important as telling others about Jesus, the Son of God—the Messiah of the Jewish people and the world. 

Embracing his call as a servant with Peter was a game-changer for them both. Because of his obedience, saying yes to God's call on his life would make Mark's name a household word. Understanding our call to servant ministry has eternal consequences in advancing the kingdom of God.


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