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The Excerpts are provided to allow the reader to see inside the book, Miracles of Healing in the Gospel of Mark. The Excerpts and Blogs are designed to enable the reader to not only see inside of this inspirational resource, but they will also show the hard work, vision, and value the author has invested in this book that you don't want to miss. In his Foreword, James K. Wagner wrote: "A traditional approach to the Bible reading, this is not. Rather, the author's format of these sixteen-healing moments is easy to follow, creatively constructed, and has the potential of motivating the reader to be more alert and sensitive to Christ's miracle-working present today. John Penn will expand your understanding of the word and the reality of "miracles." Try not to skip any of his suggested step-by-step designs. Carve out some quiet, solitude time, and do not hurry through this book. Approach each study with a high degree of anticipation, an open spirit, and a willingness to allow the Holy Spirit to communicate with your entire being. I am gratefully inspired by the author's research, insight, and faithfulness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ." 

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 Next week, you will have an opportunity to read an excerpt from Healing Moment two, God’s Amazing Healing Grace T purchase my books, go to: Until next week, Happy reading!